Vape Pens

Whether looking for premium grade non-detect THC products or a full spectrum distillate BOSS BioPharma has a variety of bulk CBD products to get your business started or to expand on your current lineup.

Wholesale Vape Pens

Wholesale Vape Pens

Our pens contain 800 mg premium BOSS CBD distillate including 660 mg CBD. Vibrant, strain specific cannabis terpenes are infused for enhanced taste and best ‘entourage effect’. Our terpene profiles vary from sweet & mild to tart & bold with several blends in between. Our pens are rechargeable & disposable with 1 ml volume. They provide consistent, uniform heating without oil burning or terpene flashing with very low failure rate (much less than 1 per 100)..


You can confidently market BOSS pens as the “CADILLAC” of vape pens!! We offer 6 flavors of pens. Each flavor is available with optional terpene infusion. We blend for consistency with an authentic and satisfying cannabis strain specific effect and taste.

White Private Label Vape Pens

Many Flavors to Choose From

CANDY KUSH: Z kittles x OG Kush(indica)

RED VINES: Granddaddy Purps x Runtz(indica)

LEMON JACK: Super Lemon Haze x Clementine x OG Kush(sativa)

STRAWBERRY LEMONADE: Lemon Jack x Strawberry Cough(Sativa)

ICE CREAM SANDWICH: Cookies x Gelato(hybrid)

BAKED BLUEBERRY CAKE: Blueberry x Cake x Sour Pebbles(hybrid)

Pen packaging comparable to premium cigars containers are sold separately.

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BOSS Biopharma manufactures and refines CBD products and oils that's geared for retailers, dispensaries and white & private label manufacturers in the USA and Worldwide.


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