International CBD

From the USA to All Around the World. Our high quality & internationally compliant CBD can be formulated to meet global CBD standards and regulations.

Global Compliant CBD

Wholesale CBD for International Use

Our bulk processing facility supports both white labeling and private labeling of CBD products for business in Illinois and throughout the U.S. Our 3rd party certified, full-spectrum CBD oil & product line is available for labeling and wholesaling purposes, while we offer our comprehensive hemp processing operations to anyone interested in entering the CBD market with their own line of products. Get in touch with a comprehensive hemp facility with the right certifications to meet any industry regulatory standard.


Our Wholesale Private & White Label CBD business produces private and white label CBD products perfect for dispensaries, retailers and distributors throughout the USA and Canada.

Internationally Compliant CBD Distillate

Our flagship Broad Spectrum Distillate contains No THC.

It contains 75-85% CBD as we as high concentrations of minor cannabinoids. This distillate is the closest product to Full - Spec but is globally compliant. All products from the catalog can be produced using our THC-Free Broad Spectrum Oil.

Int. Broad-Spectrum CBD

Broad Spectrum CBD Distillate

% CBD = 75 - 80

% THC = 0%

% primary minors (CBC, CBG, CBN & CBT) = 2 - 5

% secondary minors (all others) = 8 - 12

% hemp terpenes = 2 -4

% pesticides & heavy metals = non detect

Golden color with natural hemp odor and flavor.

Int. Crystal Resistant Broad-Spectrum

Crystal Resistant CBD Distillate

% CBD = 40-55

% THC = 0%

% primary minors ( CBC, CBG, CBN & CBT) = 12 or more

% secondary minors ( all others ) = 8 -12

% hemp terpenes = 5 – 10

& pesticides & heavy metals = non-detect Crystal resistant at room temperature.

Light amber color with a natural hemp aroma and flavor.

Other Int. Distillates

Water Soluble CBD Isolate

THC Free Broad Spectrum High Potency - % CBD = up to 99% THC Free

Broad Spectrum THC Compliant - % THC = 0.01 – 0.3 Terpene Infused

Distillates - bio or cannabis derived terpenes

Water Soluble Distillates (solid or liquid CBD Isolate)
100% CBD
0% THC

Availability, Potency, Purity & Pricing per Request

White Labeling Cannabinoid

International White & Private Labeling

As experts in CBD manufacturing, our products are capable of meeting strict worldwide CBD requirements.

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BOSS Biopharma manufactures and refines CBD products and oils that's geared for retailers, dispensaries and white & private label manufacturers in the USA and Worldwide.


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